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WCF 4.0 Discovery

Posted on: October 4, 2012

WCF services can broadcast their availability to the network using a multicast memo or to a discovery proxy server. Client applications can pursuit the network or a discovery proxy server to discovery services that encounter a set of criteria. There are two modes of service discovery Ad-hoc Discovery and Managed Discovery. In the ad-hoc discovery clients can discover services on a local subnet and in Managed discovery clients can discover services on a larger managed network through a discovery proxy.

The easiest way to enable service discovery is through the ad hoc mode. To configure the service for discovery, we need to add the standard udpDiscoveryEndpoint endpoint as well as need to enable the serviceDiscovery behavior on the service. Once udpDiscoveryEndpoint is active, clients will be able to discover it over UDP and bind to the endpoint. If the service exposes the metadataExchange endpoint, the client can discover it too and dynamically bind to the end point.

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